Kudzai Manditereza, CEO of Cloresol on How Data Moves In A Modern Factory

Kudzai Manditereza, CEO of Cloresol

Kudzai Manditereza, is a 32 year old Founder of a company called Cloresol, based in Johannesburg South Africa. He writes a lot on technology subjects particularly Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 and in a very interesting manner. And that is how I got to know of him through his writings. He graduated with an Electronic Engineering degree and started out my career designing embedded systems. He later joined a small industrial automation company where he was not just responsible for system software development but also client liaison, marketing and business development activities. It is at this company where he discovered that collecting and analysing sensor and process data can enable significant operational improvements for our clients. So he began exploring the implementation of IIoT solutions and In 2015 he founded Cloresol, which he currently run as the CEO. And he has been focused on making Industrial IoT available to SME manufacturers and in that regard we’ve been Integrating various IIoT Systems for our clients and also providing OEM manufacturers with products that make their machines Industry 4.0 compatible.

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